Ubuntu HowTo: Showing new screen at shutdown

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So I have dual boot with Windows 10 and the latest Ubuntu for some time now. However yesterday I might have done something stupid. I wanted to test out the keys on my keyboard, especially the F keys cause they could’ve had water going into them after cleaning them.

So I went to an almost too obvious site for that after googling. Keyboardtester.com or something really fitting like that. And it had me press a button for the program to show up.

It could be unrelated, but since then I have been having trouble shutting down. It’s doing that much slower now, showing an “Ubuntu” line now underneath a hardware supplier brand that always shows up at start up. But eventually it does. However I then tried to adjust the power off setting from 90 seconds to 4. And then the next morning it didn’t boot at all anymore. Not even in BIOS. Then the screen stopped working as well. Only after turning off the electrical switch and back on it went back to somewhat normal again. Shutting down fine as well. So I turned the setting back to 90 seconds cause it didn’t seem to need it anymore. Tested it. But now again, it takes a really long time. And I’m scared that if I try to adjust that number again that it will again have trouble booting even into BIOS. I have backed up my files just in case.

But what should I do? And could this be a virus (for linux, perhaps…?) in particular? I’m kind of suspicious that this behavior started after having visited that website. But I also know that Linux is a lot less susceptible to viruses than Windows is.

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