Ubuntu HowTo: Killer WiFi 6 AX1650 in Ubuntu Doesn’t work at Gigabit

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I installed ubuntu 20 on my xps13 9300. Even though wifi works I noticed the file copy speed to my NAS is capping out around 7MBps.

I installed killer drivers as described in https://support.killernetworking.com/knowledge-base/killer-ax1650-in-debian-ubuntu-16-04/

That tool the NAS speed from 7MBps to around 25MBps. I get about 30MBPs on the same laptop in windows so that at least looked good enough. Problem is this change somehow stopped the laptop from being able to connect to the internet.

So I had to revert back. Something I noticed after reverting back. My device is shown as,

In Windows – Killer AX1650s (201D2W)
In Ubuntu 20 – Killer AX1650i (201NGW)

Any help to resolve this would be appriciated


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