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I have a new computer installed with Ubuntu 12.04. Then I want to install wireless driver named compat-wireless-3.5-3. Before that, the driver folder to /home/kevin.

I want to install it on /opt directory. Before install the driver, i want to copy the driver folder from /home/kevin to /opt. I try to use ordinary copy (Right Click Copy Paste), but the paste is blured.

After that, i tried using this on terminal:

sudo cp /home/kevin/compat-wireless-3.5-3 /opt

But I get this error:

cp: omitting directory `home/kevin/compat-wireless-3.5-3'

What does the command mean? I can’t copy the driver folder until now.

You have to use the -r flag when copying directories, in other words,

sudo cp -r /home/kevin/compat-wireless-3.5-3 /opt

-r means the directory will be copied recursively, content first, then the directory itself.

sudo cp -r <source> <dest>

Type –
man cp

for more options!… (:

Enter this line at terminal :

gksu nautilus

you will nautilus as root and it will open a folder you have a privileges to copy to, so just copy and paste the file inside it

*just be careful when copying files and be sure you won’t harm your device as you run as a root as mentioned

Or you can try

sudo cp /home/kevin/compat-wireless-3.5-3/* /opt

The “*” wildcard takes in the folder and the files in compat-wireless-3.5-3 and will copy them to /opt folder.

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