Ubuntu HowTo: 19.10 freezes at blank purple screen

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I upgraded to Ubuntu 19.10 yesterday while going to bed and might have fallen asleep while installing. I don’t recall if I interrupted or succesfully installed it.

I dual boot Ubuntu and windows should it be relevant.

When I boot Ubuntu up it does not show the loading bar and logo. It just goes plain blank purple and does not get any further.

Is there a way I can troubleshoot?
If not, Is is possible to reinstall ubuntu keeping my data?
If not, should I nuke it and install fresh with USB?

If you have a dedicated GPU, the most common reason for getting the purple screen is the graphics driver needs to be reinstalled. To fix this see Fixing Ubuntu Freezing at Boot Time.

To summarize steps in link:

  1. Editing Grub
  2. Temporarily Modifying Linux kernel parameters in Grub
  3. Make permanent changes in Grub
  4. [Alternate for NVIDIA Graphics] Update your system and install proprietary NVIDIA drivers
  5. Enjoy Ubuntu Linux

sharing solution from this post
To edit Grub2 during the boot process try the following:

  1. Immediately after the BIOS splash screen during boot, press and hold the SHIFT button. This will display you grub containing a list of kernels and recovery options

    enter image description here

  2. Press e to edit the first kernel displayed

    enter image description here

  3. Find the line ending with quiet splash. Add your boot option before these key words – i.e. so the line looks like […]nomodeset quiet splash

  4. Press CTRL + X to boot

Follow the steps in Coldfish’s answer on how to fix the nomodeset boot option permanently so that you don’t have to go through this manual procedure again.

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