Steam Game: Hunt In Town

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Gather 4 to 20 players around a campfire and depending on your role in the game, hunt down werewolves that have infiltrated the group, devour innocent villagers, or even end up as the only survivor to win the game.

About This Game

Gather 4 to 20 players around a campfire and depending on your role in the game, hunt down werewolves that have infiltrated the group, devour innocent villagers, or even end up as the only survivor to win the game.

Stand out !

Create your character and make it unique by customizing it with the many items already available and to come, such as hats, accessories or even a fairy who will stay by your side!
Choose up to 6 interactions that you can use at any time of the day during the game.
Even the animations when you are eliminated, lost, or won the game are customizable!

Communication is key !

Accuse or defend yourself from other players with the in-game voice and text chat. A simple stutter can eliminate you, so choose your words wisely.

Different environments !

Lose yourself in the dense forest of Lorius Forest, relax by a waterfall at the Torlar River or even shiver to the frightening sound of Feara Caves and many more will be added later!

Unique roles !

Discover new roles in games with up to 20 different roles. To win with some roles you will need an alliance, while for others you can only use your own sneaky skills to eliminate everyone.

Challenges in your progress !

Gain experience at the end of each game, as well as Alerite coins exchanged for new cosmetics.
However, Alerite is not the only way to get cosmetics. By increasing your level or even taking on challenges, you will unlock variants of your current and new cosmetics, allowing you to show off your progress to other players.

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Steam Game: candle flame in the wind

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About This Game










方向键移动 Z调查 X打开菜单 F4切换全屏






欢迎来找作者反馈bug、提建议与交流。ღ( ´・ᴗ・` )



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Steam Game: Evil Cult

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This is a strategy board game of Lovecraftian macabre. You play as the leader of one of four cults trying to summon the Elder God you worship or to eliminate the other three cults’ influence on the world.

About This Game

Evil Cult is a turn-based strategy game about various sinister cults all vying for world domination. Whether through completing the Final Ritual or eliminating all opponents, the victory will not be easy. Managing a cult is a tricky job, you see. Pesky investigators, multiple offspring sects, bloodthirsty opponent cults, these are all threats that have to be dealt with or successfully evaded. And all that has to be done below the radar of the human society.

This version of the game was upgraded with a modern UI look and interface. However, the classic minimalistic black design is fully supported, too. Various long-standing bugs in the classic version were fixed and all gameplay features were backported to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the release of the first public version.

Features include:

  • Multiplayer – Shared screen multiplayer is available. Join your friends or play against them.
  • Custom Game – Tired of playing the base game? Start a fully custom one. Each of the gameplay variables is open for tweaking around in this mode.
  • Four hours of music – An incredible electronica soundtrack by Jeremy Rice of Curious Inversions and Introspective fame, known by the fans of the original game.
  • Classic Mode – Full classic mode graphics and UI included. Relive the nostalgia.
  • Investigators – These irritating investigators never cease to vex the cults, bringing the additional challenge.
  • Sects Management – Using manual micromanagement or an AI advisor, these, erm, devoted groups of unsuspecting people will help you reach your nefarious goals.
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Steam Game: CHKN

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Behold, the miracle of life… packed into cubes! Create fantastic creatures in an open-world sandbox game like no other. Explore, craft, and survive—all with the help of your very own creations.

About This Game

CHKN is an open-world sandbox game where life itself is your strongest tool! Create fantastic creatures in an open-world sandbox game like no other. Explore, craft, and survive—all with the help of your very own creations.


  • Create life: Build block by block to bring living, breathing creatures to life
  • Adventure: Work with your creatures to survive on a mysterious island
  • Creative: Build anything you can imagine
  • Arena: Battle your creature’s new abilities against other Players’ combinations
  • Multiplayer: Invite your friends to join you
  • Plus more new features and content

* CHKN is created with the help of our amazing players! We’d love to hear your feedback on our discussion forums or join us on Discord.

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Steam Game: Mosaique Neko Waifus 2

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Hentai puzzle, micro visual novel, with a sprinkle of RPG. Flirt with all the Neko girls!

About This Game

How have you been? Crazy times we live in huh?
Luckily you know just the right Neko girls!

Care to recite some poetry with Sara? Or eat cookies with Niko?

I think Sayouri and Sara have a secret romance going on. So sweet to look at them cuddling together!

• Solve puzzles by rotating the right elements

• Navigate the different dialogue choices, show the girls your charm!

• Use special abilities that help you solve puzzles

• Level up special abilities

• Collect items that will boost your skills

• view all the scenes unlocked in the gallery

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Steam Game: Lockdown

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Your City Has Been Placed on Lockdown.. You’re a survivor of the AME-3 Virus that has taken over causing your city to go on Lockdown, trapping anyone who was left behind inside. There’s one way out, an airlock located at the edge of town. Find the key and escape, or die trying.

About This Game

Your City Has Been Placed on Lockdown…

You’re a survivor of the AME-3 Virus that has taken over causing your city to go on Lockdown, trapping anyone who was left behind inside. There’s one way out, an airlock located at the edge of town. You’re not alone, the undead that have infested the city are hunting, and the other survivors are searching for a way out, trust no one, living or dead. Find the Key Card that is hidden within in the town, and be the lone survivor to escape the city, or die trying..

There can only be one…

  • Multiplayer up to 10 Players – be the Lone Survivor to Escape Morristown.

Battle with up to 10 friends or join an open match to experience Survival Escape Gameplay like never before. Battle with Melee, Guns, and your wits to be the lone survivor.

  • Find the Keycard Hidden Within the Map.

Keycards are hidden within the map, and your goal is to find a Keycard, and survive long enough to get to the Airlock and escape with your life. Sneak through the woods, or run through town, but don’t let anyone or anything stop you.

  • Outwit and Survive Against Hordes of Undead, Along with Other Survivors That are Trying to Escape.

Hordes of Undead are looking for you, and other survivors are looking to escape and leave you behind. Be sure to keep that flashlight off when you hear something, and they may not see you. Trust no one, living or dead.

  • Enjoy the Scenery, Quickly.

Explore Abandoned Homes, Places of Business, and the forest in search for the Keycard to escape. Just be sure not to stay still for too long, something is bound to look your way.

About Lockdown :

Lockdown is a 2-10 Person Multiplayer Survival/Horror Escape game. You are placed in a city that has been placed on Lockdown, infested with undead zombies hunting the survivors. Your goal is to escape the town by finding a Key Card, and escaping through the airlock located at the edge of town. You will battle through the undead, as well as other survivors, to be the lone escapee of Lockdown.

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Steam Game: b 2

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b 2: online-only multiplayer — an alien place — you are the bee: fly where you want, play as you like

About This Game

b 2: online-only multiplayer

b 2 is the successor to b, in a different setting which is manageable to synchronise over the internet.

the server part is in Early Access and not guaranteed to be available or working (all the time).

requires web access by https and udp.

some software such as Asus GameFirst IV network monitor swallow incoming udp data thus exit such software first.

an alien place

a plane in space, nearby an iceplanet with an asteroid belt, colored corrugated iron homes around a central big tree and a bear growing, progressing anti-clockwise around it, is a new playground of b, the bumblebee of subgenus gaudium formosum, recognizable by their cheeky :p .

you are the bee

fly where you want, play as you like. Your desire and curiosity is the fuel of this “feel free” experience.

60 players per place

up to 60 minutes per place after which its configuration changes, up to 60 players per place, many places (all places share the same configuration), “safe” bandwidth for around 273 concurrent players, max. around 1365 players. Server hardware performance throughput to be evaluated. You are placed in the first place having space. Likewise after every reconfiguration and reload, press keyboard key F5 to reload. You can see a places place number at the bottom middle of the screen. At the bottom left you see the remaining time in minutes and at the bottom right you see the number of players in this place. Press keyboard key Esc(ape) to exit.

controls are like last time

controls are like last time, this time non-configurable:

  • WASD QE L left-shift space
  • joystick 1


changes from b:

  • more loose camera
  • b faster
  • collisions added

changes since media creation:

  • bear added
  • sky day color less intense


known issues:

  • bear might be not synchronised (his animation and progress is handed independantly by the game engine to the time synchronisation; a best attempt is made to set him synchronised initially)
  • precise time synchronisation requires a high-resolution system timer
  • first firework at end of place’s time only synchronised across players (remaining depend on framerate)
  • the odd home is floating in the air
  • if b flies into a cover from the camera, the camera is readjusted to see b but can get stuck at the last cover which would have hidden b; fly b behind another cover to have the camera readjust

made with

  • game engine Unity
  • 3rd party asset DirectX 11 Grass Shader
  • 3rd party asset LowPoly Asteroids Pack
  • 3rd party asset Mesh Effects
  • 3rd party asset Lux URP/LWRP Essentials
  • 3rd party asset Fireworks Pack 3D&2D
  • 3rd party asset Real Fireworks
  • 3rd party asset Trails FX
  • 3rd party asset Poly Art Animals Forest Set
  • 3rd party asset Animal Controller
  • Standard License for: Hopeful (Full track), Artist: Dynamedion Royalty-free, Composer: Stefan Bode (no PRO affiliation)
  • Standard License for: LYN123: Nature & Weather (Bumble Bee Buzzing 03: Long bumblebee buzz with some bird tweets in background), Artist: Bjorn Lynne, Composer: Lynne, Bjorn
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Steam Game: Wakamarina Valley, New Zealand

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A short exploration/photography experience set in the idyllic forested landscape of the Wakamarina Valley, located near Queen Charlotte Sound on New Zealand’s South Island.

About This Game

Wakamarina Valley, New Zealand is a short exploration/photography experience set near Queen Charlotte Sound on New Zealand’s South Island. Use the game’s camera to observe and interact with the world around you while exploring and completing photo-related objectives. The game has in important focus on immersion and not holding your hand, your attentiveness and eagerness to explore will be rewarded with access to hidden areas and new features. The game also includes an immersive curated soundtrack, This is definitley one for turning down the lights and wearing headphones.

This project started out as a showcase of my work in environment design, I wanted to create a realistic, densely forested scene using photoscanned 3d assets that could run smoothly in real-time. The environment was created in Unreal Engine 4 with heavy reference to photos taken at the location, You’ll encounter rocky riverbeds, dense forest paths, vast farmland and distant hills, a lot of which resemble the appearance of the real valley in NZ. As I spent more time on this I began to build on some camera mechanics I thought added a unique/personal level of interactivity to the experience. I hope the atmosphere and ambience created by the environment will keep you coming back when you’re stressed.

Some Extra Reccomendations:
– Personalise the soundtrack! Feel free to pause the in-game music and play your own in the background.
– The VR version is a great way to be immersed in the world but I’d still recommend the desktop version as the best way to experience the game.
– Please try to avoid looking for online guides if you’re feeling impatient. Often what you’re looking for will only take a few extra minutes to discover.

Thanks so much for your support! I’ll be in the discussions section as much as possible to listen to feedback and talk about potential new features.
– Matt

Try my other exploration games:

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Steam Game: Cannibal Cuisine

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The god Hoochooboo is hungry… for you. But as all good cannibal cooks know, serving is better than being served. Chop up vegetables, fruits and tourists and serve your divine delicacies in arcade style with up to 4 chefs!

About This Game

The recipes for success are varied; find delicious fruits and vegetables, and combine them with freshly chopped and cooked tourists for a truly divine delicacy fit for the God Hoochooboo. Of course the tourists might not offer themselves up freely, the heathens, so you’ll need to master your arcade reflexes, voodoo magic and fire breathing, useful for baking as well, to persuade them without getting KO’d!

Tour the island
Ready, steady, cook your way through many levels in a full campaign across the island. Overcome spikes in mysterious temples, bushwhack your way through tourist infested jungles and stay away from lava in the underground.

Other-foodly activities
All kinds of extra-culinary skills are needed too to appease Hoochooboo. Skills such as outrunning the Spikey Log of Doom™, defeating waves of tourists and the tour boss in the jungle arena, as well as other challenge levels to prove yourself as the one true cook.

How Foodoo you
Mystical voodoo powers are the perfect ingredients to success, allowing you to dash, place healing totems or even breathe fire. In multiplayer each chef can choose a different ability to fit their cooking style.

Foodfest or Foodfight
Cook your way through hell’s kitchen solo or with up to 4 chefs. Or challenge each other to foodfights in PvP. With so many chefs in the kitchen, chaos is sure to follow.

Cannibal Cuisine features:

  • Arcade combat with unfortunate tourists – don’t forget your voodoo powers!
  • Navigate varied tropical levels to collect extra ingredients and prepare Hoochooboo’s meals.
  • Many levels of cannibal chaos in the jungle, temple, on the beach, and inside a volcano!
  • Choose your cannibal couture with many options for weapons and accessories.
  • Play solo, cooperatively, or in versus mode with 1-4 players.
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Steam Game: Creeper World 4

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The unstoppable fluid enemy has returned and destroyed every world in its path! Defend against Creeper as it floods across the 3D terrain in this real time strategy game where the enemy is a fluid.

About This Game

The eternal harvester of galactic empires has returned! Witness massive waves of Creeper flood across the 3D terrain in this real time strategy game where the enemy is a fluid. Build out your economic base with energy and mined wares. Assemble your forces and struggle against the creeper on all fronts as it floods and fills the map. Take the high ground with your forces to avoid the creeper as waves crash around your base. Increase your lines of sight and range on high ground, but beware the aerial units. And, if you last long enough, launch orbital weapons and call down devastating strikes on the enemy.

Creeper World 4 continues the iconic and well received Creeper World RTS franchise, expanding into a new dimension of strategic possibilities and threats. The galaxy once again finds itself culled and utterly in ruins. Guide a band of scientists through the ultimate test of survival and restore hope to the galaxy… one world at a time. Play small maps casually, while pausing and issuing orders. Alternately, play massive maps in real-time with full save support. The choice is yours. Play the story missions, the community crafted missions, or use the built in mission generator for infinite possibilities. Use the map editor to make your own maps for fun and sharing. Create custom units, or even custom game play modes, and share those as well.


  • 3D Terrain with numerous strategic options.
  • Enhanced graphics
  • Physics-based flowing ‘Creeper’ enemy with wave mechanics.
  • Land, Air, and Orbital weapons.
  • Custom unit support with scripting.
  • Online map database.
  • Story/Campaign missions.
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