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I’ve walked around my neighborhood, and seen curtains that leave around the top 1/4 of the window open, which I really like. It seems to provide the same amount of privacy, but also let in a good amount of direct sunlight even if they’re closed. I’ve tried searching for them in different places, but nothing really seems to come up. Are they just normal window shades/blinds installed lower? Are these a common design? Is there a name for them? Are there any drawbacks or hangups to doing them?

I used to work for Lowes and I believe you’re referring to the cordless cellular shades that you can control from the top or bottom in order to maintain privacy and allow plenty of sunlight in as you mentioned, or you can put them all the way up from the bottom, and even play with color/ filter options. Not may drawbacks that I can remember. They are typically mounted inside the window frame, as long as your window allows for inside mount you should be good to go.

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