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I was reading an article recently that mentioned the use of krill as a food source, and I found myself remembering a panel where a robot is enthusiastically chanting “Krill the humans!” with the joke being that it seems a bit like the Killer Robot trope (actually, I’m now wondering if it was a direct reference to the Dr. Who episode “The Robots of Death“), but they were actually enthusing about the idea of gifting krill to humans. It was in a cartoonish art-style. The robot was humanoid, and might have had red eyes to further the Killer Robot joke. I don’t remember if it was a comic or a webcomic, and I have no firm idea of when I read it, although I think it was at least ten years ago.

This is the webcomic Freefall. Panel #2022 (dated 2011) has a pink-eyed robot chanting “Krill all humans! Krill all humans!

Strip of Sawtooth attempting to make Bennie the spokesman before changing his mind

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