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“I won’t leave you. Not this time”

Time travels away

Ahsoka’s thinking “well if this asthmatic bastard gonna kill me I’m gonna go Marty McFly on this hoe”

Just rewatched that rebels episode today. Gives me chills everytime Anakin says Ahsokas name.

And Vader never once calls her by her name.

I’m watching clone wars right now for the very first time, and just watched Ahsoka leaving the Jedi order today 🙁

I just rewatched Seige on Lothal today “So the apprentice lives”. That relationship is so amazing

(crying)…. :,(

Seriously if you all keep posting stuff like this I’M NEVER GOING TO STOP CRYING.

Love this

This is amazing. Phenomenal job.

This is a fan made or a spoiler of clone wars series (i am in season 1)

Fan Made!


“Then you will die!”

How much time passed between Ashoka departing the order and when she returned to Anakin.

O great Ahsoka copypasta, I summon thee

She says that but we all know she does leave… 😂

And why shouldn’t she? Ahsoka deserved a chance to just live her life and why should she just continue to feel weighed down by something that was so beyond her control?


art credit/source?

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