Making Game: Viewing multiple 3D file formats in one program

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I want a multi-3d-format-file browser.

I’m looking for a program that has the following features:

  • Similar to ACDSee or Irfan View which allows browsing files with 3D geometry or files produced by Blender
  • Very easy to use (this it is very important)
  • It would be nice if such program was portable, but it is not necessary.
  • No trial version.

What I found so far

Hard to answer precisely without having more details about about the 3d formats you intend to use (Blender can export in a variety of formats). Because of the total absence of standards for 3d file formats, this is a big deal, as no software will handle all the hundreds of possible formats.

Also could you be more specific about what you want to do: drag-and-drop files to the main window, rotating objects independently, etc.

That said, if you limit yourself to a specific file format, whatever it is, you can use a pipeline to convert to a “quite standard” file format (to me .ply, .stl. or .wrl), and then import the converted files to a software used as a viewer. Easy-to-use is quite relative when it comes to 3d, so the better is to try, my pick was meshlab, but it has a lot more functions than just browsing and it can be confusing.

Converting to VRML and viewing in an internet browser may be a possibility as well.

Well, that was a vague answer indeed. But I think there is no ultimate tool for what you want. I personnally use at least 10 different software for my 3d data (coming from different sources).

F3D can open many 3D file formats, including glTF, stl, obj, vtk.

F3D is a free, opensource VTK based software.

f3d file.gltf

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