Making Game: How to delete all the open files in notepad++

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I have opened many files in notepad++ window tabs. Is there any way(or any plugin) in npp to quickly delete all the open files?

I don’t want to go to each tab, right click and use Move to Recycle Bin, since there are thousands of open files so I’m looking for a shortcut to delete all these open files in one shot. Could some please suggest if there is any way to do it?

This is a comment not an answer, but unfortunately I don’t have enough “reputation” to add comments…

My suggestion is to use another tool: Total Commander would be an excellent candidate for your task:

It’s so easy in TC to search for files Alt+F7 containing your specific text, just check the “Find text” field Alt+T, then when search is done select “Feed to listbox” Alt+L, and finally Select All Ctrl+A and Delete them

enter image description here

Note: if you want to preview any of your files before deletion just F3 over them and you can quickly view the content (and while viewing, keep pressing F3 to jump to all occurrences where you searched text was found)

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