Making Game: How do I create an encrypted mountable read/write disk image under windows?

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I know that in linux and osx it’s easy to create a disk image that is encrypted and (given you know the key) can be mounted and you can read/write its content.

Under windows there are plenty of tools to encrypt single files, I also know how to create encrypted read-only iso but I need a way to create an image (let’s say 10GB iso file) that once mounted behaves like a normal folder and applications can read/write in it without knowing that it’s encrypted. Encryption must be transparent to the applications.

PS: I’ve mentioned “iso” but it’s not really important what format the disk image will be.

True crypt container is one of best method,otherwise I think use BestCrypt Container Encryption is also good.
if encrypted file containers with TrueCrypt, you can replaced by BestCrypt Container Encryption.

for more information here

I ended up using ProxyCrypt which is free and does exactly what I need. It’s not really “famous”, and I won’t probably trust it for a production environment but it’s an active project and for a paranoid private user is fine.

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