Making Game: External hard drive freezes everything

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When I insert my external hard drive my computer freezes. By freezes I mean :

  • I can’t open the hard drive, when I try to windows explorer freezes and it forces me to end process, when I do that whole laptop goes into a freeze mode till I remove the hard drive.
  • I can’t create a new folder on the desktop for example (idiot example but it explains the issue), when I do nothing happens, if I remove the hard drive the folder gets created, as if everything I do after plugging the USB cord of my HDD goes on hold.
  • When I open the diskmgmt and then plugging my HDD and refresh it, it becomes not responding till I remove the HDD.
  • All tools that try to read the HDD (in order to scan it, get from it information… etc) freeze and stop working till I unplug the HDD

Any idea what’s wrong with my poor HDD? How to troubleshoot it?

The first thing I would do is try the external HDD in another port to see if that helps; if unsuccessful, try the following:

  1. Run the following, where E: is the external HDD volume label:
    ChkDsk E: /f /r
  2. Try uninstalling the external HDD and USB mass storage device from Device Manager
    • External HDD is listed under Disk Drives and USB mass storage device under Universal Serial Bus Controllers
    • To see these items listed in Device Manager when the external HDD is disconnected:
      Device Manager > View > Show Hidden Devices
  3. Restart the computer, then reconnect the external HDD
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