Making Game: Download all .m4s files of a mpeg dash stream

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When I open this page I can see in Firefox Web Developer Tools / “Network” tab that the page loads files with .mpd extension.
And then every few seconds it loads a file/stream with .m4s extension named like


How can I download the whole streamed video of this kind?

I think I need to download all .m4s segments but do not know the Linux command or the Windows software to do it. Then I will need to merge these files to a single .mp4

I already tried InviDownloader, but it has numerous problems.

Answering the question “How can I download the whole streamed video of this kind?”

You can use youtube-dl on the DASH mpd manifest URL to download the video, it worked for me.

youtube-dl {mpd_url}

Maybe you should make clear in the title if you really want these intermediate m2s files or you just want the whole video file.

1) download IS.mp4 and all *.m4s for video (use wget) and merge IS.mp4 and *.m4s to one file video.mp4

2) download IS.mp4 and all *.m4s for audio and merge IS.mp4 and *.m4s to one file audio.mp4

3) merge video and audio into one file (use ffmpeg -i video.mp4 -i audio.mp4 -c copy movie.mkv)


Example how to download audio stream:

echo "IS.mp4" >"links.txt"
seq -f "%06g.m4s" 0 394 >>"links.txt"
wget -i "links.txt" -O "audio.mp4" -B ""

Initial part for audio stream is IS.mp4, audio consists of 394 parts (in a format of 6 digits) and base URL path for audio stream is http://80.188..../1002-1502/. All these information can be obtained from .mpd file.

NOTE: base URL of audio and video stream is changed eachtime you play the video

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