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Question: how can I disable Windows search history? (Screenshot)

What I did: disabled “My device history” and “cleared my device history” from Windows Permission & History settings. All data-collection settings from Windows privacy settings are disabled. Yet, it still remembers my search history.

Update: it seems that there’s no option to disable it. Just to add more clarification to the solution, here’re the steps for scheduling a cleaning task: Task scheduler > Create task. Name it, select run with highest privileges and choose the trigger (e. g: on startup). Now, in the actions, add an action and fill in the following:

  1. Program/script: powershell.exe
  2. Add arguements: Remove-Item -Path 'HKCU:SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerWordWheelQuery*'

Note: for me, it didn’t work without removing the asterisk at the end of the command.

Yet, it still remembers my search history.

File Explorer search history cannot be disabled but it can be cleared. After performing a search you can easily clear your search history through the UI.

enter image description here

If you are attempting to automate this functionality you will have to write a script to delete the following registry key.


I absolutely would test this script before you implement it but something as simple as the following PowerShell command.

Remove-Item -Path "HKCU:SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerWordWheelQuery*"

The simplest solution would be to create a Scheduled Task, that runs a PowerShell script when the user logs out of the computer, this would clear the recent search history.

Source: How to Delete the Search History in Windows File Explorer

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