Making Game: Cannot use old monitor connected to my new laptop over HDMI to VGA converter

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I have a Lenovo Y530 laptop and >10 year old PnP Samsung monitor. I wanted to extend my workspace with it and bought HDMI to VGA converter in order to connect monitor. First time I connected them it worked fine until my laptop went to sleep. When I awoke it the second monitor did not wake. It does not show message that it is not connected, just a blank screen. I tried to reconnect it and similar stuff but nothing helps. It seems like if I leave the monitor off a little longer and connect it again to laptop it works normally and if I turn off laptop or it goes to sleep, same thing happens, it does not turn on.

I am not sure is there some compatibility issue but I’m guessing if it is then monitor will not work under any circumstances.

One thing more I noticed on that monitor is that when I unplug it it does not turn off immediately but after maybe 5 sec.

Laptop has 1050Ti and some Intel integrated graphic. HDMI output on laptop works fine, I tested it on my TV.

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