Linux HowTo: How to fix Windows 10 “The boot configuration data for your PC is missing or contains errors”?

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Here’s chronological description of what happened:

  1. I bought a laptop (Acer Aspire VN7-592G) with no OS preinstalled and a windows 8.1 disk. After installing the windows, it turned out the drivers support for this laptop is for windows 10 only D:
  2. So after I upgraded my OS to windows 10, everything looked fine,
    windows 10 Pro is activated and such
  3. Then upon the FIRST restart, I run into this very weird windows 7
    logo screen (WTH ?) followed by blue screen error, the computer restarted
    again, windows 7 logo screen + blue screen again. The third time it
    arrived at this screen with the error code as specified as
    0xc000000f (see the first image here )
  4. So the first thing I did was to create a bootable HDD (using another computer) to do a clean windows 10 reinstall on my laptop. And everything ran fine, reboot was OK. I use it for 12 hours, I turned it off.
  5. The next time I turned it on and voila, the windows 7 starting logo followed by blue screen, again. Eventually it arrived at the 0xc000000f screen like above (The boot configuration data for your PC is missing or contains errors)
  6. Finally I used my bootable external hard drive to run a very quick repair. And now I’m in Windows 10 again. It’s looking OK.

Your PC needs to be repaired

File: bootbcd
Status: 0xc000000f
Info: The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors.

You'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. If   
you don't have any installation media (like a disc or USB device),  
contact your system administrator or PC manufacturer.

My questions:

  1. Is this a hard drive error that can be fixed by the above automatic repair ? Should I use my warranty ? Local tech support is not very good.
  2. I am very concerned that this boot error will happen again. How can I fix this issue permanently?
  3. Is there some way (like using cmd) to check the health of my laptop’s hardwares ? (Device manager showed no issue before this error happened)

I just got the same error again (Windows 7 logo and then blue screen), however now I have conjectured an explanation. My laptop doesn’t have an optical drive, so initially to install Windows 8.1 from the disk I bought I had the tech support guy install it through his external CD-ROM driver. Upon finishing the installation, the guy did not change the boot order in BIOS and the nonexistent CD-ROM driver would have higher order than the main hard drive where my Windows 10 is later installed. Could this be the cause? I used to think this is a non-issue though.

I have few suggestion for your question.
Don’t use your HDD for boot for your system, you can make USB boot-able pen-drive and load any OS which you went to boot. And change priority of boot order, and select USB boot 1st order, boot your system.. In installing O.S option format your old drive which have O.S install and follow other steps..

You can use different method for USB boot, like boot from any 3rd party software and cmd prompt. For cmd prompt visit this link, for 3rs party usb boot-able visit this link,

I hope your issue will be solve, if you use this method for boot. Make sure you have .iso or .img file of O.S which you have to install..

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