Code Bug Fix: question on disowning process from python executable in zsh

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I’m encountering some problems when trying to run a process
in background and disown it in zsh with the &! shortcut.

I’m no expert of either zsh, nor python,
so it might very well be that I’m missing something obvious here.

The executable is the following python program, call it (I’m using python2.7.15):

#!/usr/bin/env python
from __future__ import print_function
import time

for idx in range(5):

with open('test.txt','w') as ofile:

With some trial-and-error, I noticed the following:

  1. if I run ./ &! and then logout, the process does not complete successfully
    (I check this by looking at the presence and content of the file test.txt);
    it looks like it’s not getting disowned, and logging out causes it to stop;

  2. if I run ./ > test2.txt &!, and then logout,
    it does work as expected (again, based on the presence of the test.txt file);

  3. if I comment out the the second line (from __future__ ..), modify the print statement,
    run ./ &!, and then logout, it also works as expected.

What am I missing? And would there be a way to make 1. work, without resorting to 2. or 3.?

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