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r/pokemon - Everything but the unova monkeys

im sad. simisear is one of my favorites after he landed the killing blow to steven’s mega metagross in a wonderlocke

Sometimes it’s the unexpected ones. I once did a randomized Nuzlocke where I got a Burmy from a fossil (ah, randomisation) and I was annoyed I had got something so useless. But the Sandy Wormadam that it became ended up carrying me through a period where my two best Pokemon got killed. Pokémon we think are bad can sometimes end up surprising us.

I like the elemental monkeys I just wish they weren’t as bad.

I used a simisage in BW and I enjoyed him, but yes they are bad

Their first forms are cute and I guess Simisage is kinda cool, but my god the others are just horrible.

I dunno man, I have a soft spot for simisage when I used to play the TCG, he was a card I pulled for me during a pre-release tourney. It was a foil card so I thought it was cool. Also I like the panpour line too.

You have my cakeday!

God, those are the only pokemon I can say I dislike

Simisage saved my behind more than a few times in Conquest, mainly because of Leaf Storm.

I like panpour, I think its the best designed and most useful of the monkeys- to the point Id consider that one an underrated mon.

Simisage I can tolerate, panpour i think is cute (the base forms are great) and both fire ones are just sad

I like the elemental monkeys. A simisage came in clutch during my black nuzlocke


Meh, there’s worst pokemon.


I had a stroke trying to read that

Pansage and simisage are pretty cool. They would’ve made a great standalone line. Simipour and simisear just feel like ripoffs

Every pokemon is viable in campaign.

But if you add the coolness modifier into the viability equation then the Simis auto drop to unusable

If only the monkeys were cut from swsh no one would complain

I’m less mad about the dex cut and more mad that they didn’t fully commit and just cut them all, why dose the champion have a charizard if they wanted players to use new Pokémon or Balance the game just cut them all

Reddit Anime Post: I have to travel for work, I need a game to keep me occupied. : Switch

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I don’t know what to get. Like splatoon 2 I used to have but I don’t know how much longer it will be around. Smash Bros. I’m not great and I don’t have anyone to play with and online I’ll get smashed. Any games under the radar that are shooters or action games or roguelikes? I have Hollow knight and Celeste, bayoneta, Star dew valley, binding of isaac three houses I’ve played and more been playing and overwatch for shooter everyone once in a while but what else is available? Any hidden gems?

Stay safe 🙁

Thank you, I try to even though some people don’t try at all.

Risk of Rain 2

Thank you, I’ll check it out.

Check out darkest dungeon. One of my favourites for long travel cause it’s got that “one more turn” aspect. I can’t speak for how it is on the switch but xcom 2 is fun too. Slay the spire is wonderfully simple to learn yet hard to master.

Will check it those out and see how they are, Thank you.

Void Bastards?

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I’m at a tolerable 3.5 minutes loading from dashboard to arcade spawn. Thats with an original Xbox One.


Which Xbox One though? I’m on the original and it takes almost 10 minutes every time

I am on ADSL with Ethernet. I load to Online from Story mode. It takes no more than two minutes. Finding a new session usually takes under 30 seconds. I have no idea why it takes so long for the other people. I hope loading times improve with the Online mode of the next GTA game, if it is server based rather than P2P based.

I load 5min 30sec

Ps4? I get that time on my ps4 pro

I spent 2 and a half hours loading in to play the Casino heist the other day. That was just to get everyone in the same lobby to play. Not counting having to load again as our leader was kicked a few times mid job. Kept getting kicked over and over. This took up so much time two of the team had to crash out for the night. Ended up finishing the heist around 1 am with a three man team. Started at 8:30pm trying to load in. I love GTA but damn.

2 minutes

It’s loading 4 minutes, from desktop to online session for me 😛

Waiter to me “yea that’ll be around 4 gta loading screens”

I just scroll reddit while I wait

Gta runs on peer to peer so if your host connection is bad… Good luck

It’s better to load into story mode than straight into online, I takes me 1 min to load into story than another 30 seconds to load into a online

Yeah and you can make a private session.

Wow it takes me like 1 and half minutes and I don’t have good internet

I literally went eating lunch while waiting for GTA from desktop to online, that was like 45 minutes

It never takes more than 2 minutes for me…both PS and PC.

I have found that most of the loading into online is due to bad hosts in the session. Most times when it takes a long time to load, I can lag out of it an end up in a public solo session, and when I do most of the time it’s just one or two guys in the session (you can see by how many people are listed as leaving when you lag out). In large sessions with good hosts joining is usually fast.

On ps4 it takes like 2 mins

Not for me, if I want to load into a game like WoW I have to spend almost as much time, I never found it to be an issue.

The only problem I have is that it sometimes fails to connect, which can be annoying.

I have a good wired connection. So its at most 5 minutes for me.

Any one else make meals with the combined loading screen and 15 minute time out? I can usually cook and eat before i have to be engaged in the game.

Reddit Anime Post: The TSM Holy War | Summoning Insight S2E16 : leagueoflegends

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Safe & Social

I knew you were a good lawyer when all of your answers were “Well, it depends…”

Alot of respect for you weighing in on this. Also for the other esports topics. You were a well of knowledge that was delivered calmly and impassively. Appreciate your effort to be on the show.

Dang, I was influenced by this when I was there, but saw the light.

Jacob was just starting to make waves with breaking news and no one knew whether or not to believe him yet or not.

I don’t think I ever actually interacted with him or Kyle Fox though. This guy too

Kyle Fox (Rick fox’s son who helped manage echo fox) also said that TSM staff treated him like shit.

Why are you downvoted to oblivion and your comment auto hidden when I joined this thread?

Surely this will be a civil discourse of people who actually watched the video with no personal attacks!

I didn’t watch the video and I know you are nitpicking and biased I win you lose #TSM. /s

Does it include the thing you did with quickshot before this video? I only got to see a bit of it live and I really want to watch the whole thing.

thats what i was hoping for out of you guys, but we couldnt get 3 minutes in without you insulting wide swathes of people. Incredibly ironic youd post this comment.
Edit: Holy crap- i kept trying to watch but you literally make up facts its insane.
“this is the one time that we’re ever in our lives that we’re going to be involved in a conflict of interest that is provable.” Youre addressing your audience here so youre literally speaking for them, and you couldnt possibly be more wrong. Ignorant at best, asinine at worst.

ironic considering the amount of ad hominem you and Thorin spew. Ever consider you wouldn’t get so much pushback/hate if your approach was different?

But Monte. A random laywer with a bias towards TSM said that you used the word COI wrong and therefore are wrong. TSM fans ate that shit like it was thanksgiving.

I mean tbf you’re exploiting this whole thing for views and relevance, and clearly don’t give a shit about the truth or anyone else involved in the situation. But keep on keeping on with your “crusade”.

Sad to see you go this way after OWL, I went to Poudre too, and I used to be a fan. Kind of pathetic to see what you’ve become tbh.

really intellectual conversation heard about reginald’s debacle. leena’s effectiveness was in shambles lately, and I enjoyed the different takes offered by Monte, Thorin, Loco, and Barry Lee. Hope TSM makes the changes necessary to prevent this stuff from happening in the future.

I would love to shit talk TSM some more but this podcast wasn’t really good, coming from a guy who watches most of Thorin’s stuff. Both Monte and Thorin just basically talked over Loco and Barry just to prove a point that they have already made. Really just bad hosting in general.

I’m not sure if you are being sarcastic or not. Except for maybe Barry Lee this was – as expected – an echo chamber.